Your Strategy and Planning Toolkit
What can our toolkit do for your business?
Define your direction
The toolkit has everything you need to develop a strategy and put it into a plan, using our practical, easy to follow process. You will know where you’re aiming to get to and have objectives and tactics to get you there. And you can use it for team and individual planning as well.
Improve your competitiveness
Your strategic business plan will make you more competitive and resilient by focusing on all key areas of your business – market position, clients, people, financials, etc.
Saves you time and money
You do it yourself – so the toolkit will save you time and money. And it's a one off purchase which you will always have access to, so your return on investment will increase year on year.
The toolkit enables you to create a plan which will make it easy to translate your strategy into practical actions.
Improves teamwork and performance
Our process encourages collaboration and skills development. Additionally, a good plan reduces anxiety, and provides comfort and confidence.
And if you already have a strategy and plan...
...the toolkit will still be very valuable to you. You can use it to improve your strategic plan, and how you implement it – either immediately after purchase or when you’re scheduled to review and update.

Our Experience...

19 years of consultancy, coaching and training
18 countries visited to do client work
£500k - £1bn+ turnover range of clients
What will your business receive?
Frequently Asked Questions
About Positively Legal and Murray Mathieson

better@business is part of Positively Legal Ltd, a company owned and operated by Murray since 2001. Murray is a non-practising solicitor and accredited business coach, with extensive legal and business experience worldwide. Positively Legal provides specialist coaching, consulting and training services to law firms and other businesses, and has clients in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S. Before setting up the company, Murray worked in law firms in Scotland and the British West Indies and held senior in house counsel positions in the aerospace, football and construction industries.

He is also a trustee of The Geno Project, a charity which provides children from the Homa Bay District in Kenya with the opportunity to follow their academic ambitions.

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